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"I come from a proud family of middle class workers who have always believed in the American dream and believe in keeping that dream alive for tomorrow and future generations to come. We need to improve our schools, public infrastructure in our community, and create good-paying, sustainable jobs, which is a top priority. I have years of common sense and inclusive leadership skills. I have government experience so I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and work with diverse organizations and people to get things done."  - DANIEL BOX




I believe that good-paying, sustainable jobs and job security are the primary issues that need to be addressed in Precinct 2 . Since the Great Recession of 2008 I know that my friends, neighbors, and citizens of Precinct 2 have been struggling with the low wages and stagnant opportunities to move up in their workplaces. I also know that a lot of working-class family members are having to work two jobs just to make the same income that they had before the Great Recession.

This is one of the reasons why I chose to run for office. I believe that as a leader you should do everything you can to promote economic prosperity and opportunities to the people that you serve.  I will use my position as Harris County Precinct 2 commissioner to do whatever I can to bring jobs to our part of the county.


One of the ways I can do this is to push for new infrastructure projects as well as repair infrastructure projects in Precinct 2 with a local hire initiative. I will seek funding from state and federal government for new infrastructure projects that will serve and enhance the community and spur economic growth for businesses and manufacturers in our Precinct.


I will also promote Precinct 2 to new businesses, manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing as a place to bring their companies because of the ready workforce and wonderful people of Precinct 2. In addition, I will promote some of the large economic engines of Precinct 2 such as petroleum refining and the Port of Houston as a way of enticing international businesses to come and set up shop in Precinct 2.


Anyone living in Precinct 2 can see for themselves the infrastructure problems that we have simply by taking a drive.  Potholes, busted curbs, broken sidewalks, neglected drainage ditches, illegal dumping, and blighted abandoned buildings, or to have experienced flooding in their homes and businesses are among the the infrastructure issues seen in our Precinct.

These are the things we can see. Yet there is much, much more infrastructure underground such as telephone cables,  power cables,  water supply lines,  sewage lines and storm water drains that are being used way past their life expectancy.


As Precinct commissioner I will push for repair and maintenance of our roads and ditches. I will help craft ordinances with the community that would regulate blighted buildings and see that it's enforced in Precinct 2. I will work with state and federal government to bring funding for repairs and new infrastructure projects that would replace some of the old crumbling underground infrastructure. In doing so, this can be used to draw new businesses and economic opportunities into our Precinct. I would also work on alleviating the flooding problems in Precinct 2 by working with other County Commissioners, cities, and state agencies to protect business and homeowners from being flooded in the future.


Public education and public neighborhood schools are a cornerstone of our society and democracy. I believe that we should hold our elected State officials accountable for problems resulting from under-funding our public schools and for not reforming the way we finance our public schools. I will always be an advocate for public education because I believe that our neighborhoods need to have public schools and our children need to have the best quality education for all children not just the ones that can afford it. Public schools don't just educate our children in academics. They are a wonderful place for our children to learn social skills and understand what diversity is truly about by experiencing what they have in common with other children that don't look like themselves.


To support our public schools, the best action I can take as a member of our community and as a commissioner of Precinct 2 is to push for property tax reforms that close the loopholes that allow large commercial property owners to greatly devalue their property and pay less taxes. By closing these loopholes school districts can recapture a lot of the funding that they need without having to raise any taxes.


As commissioner of Precinct 2, I would work with businesses, manufacturers, and community colleges to help develop new job training curricula in advanced manufacturing.  This would help promote workers in Precinct 2 to technically sophisticated, advanced manufacturing companies. In turn, these companies will value Precinct 2 as a place where they would have access to highly-trained workers for 21st century jobs.


As commissioner of Precinct 2, I will champion property tax reform to eliminate the vague and ambiguous language in the state laws that allow large loopholes for large commercial property and corporation property holders that allow them to devalue their property at a great amount so that they can pay less taxes. By closing these loopholes, counties, school districts, and taxing authorities can recapture hundreds of millions of lost revenue that can be used to help fund our schools, county hospitals, and our infrastructure without ever having to raise the property tax rate

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